This Week’s Meeting – Folk Witchcraft!

It’s Halloween month, the perfect time of year to learn about witchcraft! Join the PSA in BEN 1.126 on Wednesday 10/11 at 6 PM to learn about folk witchcraft from Chris Godwin, an Irish Reconstructionist and Pagan Community Leader.


This Week’s Meeting – Crystals!

This week we will be joined by Michael from Nature’s Treasures (a local crystal and metaphysical shop) for a talk on crystals! We’ll talk about crystal basics like cleansing, clearing, and charging, as well as helpful tips for college students. What crystals are good for studying? Which are good for stress relief? Come find out this Wednesday (10/4/17) at 6:00 pm in BEN 1.126.

This Week’s Meeting – Mabon!

This week, we will be meeting at Eastwoods Neighborhood Park (on the Northeastern edge of campus, near the School of Law) at 6 PM to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox – Mabon! This holiday is a time to come together with friends, family, and community to give thanks to each other and to Mother Earth for what we have reaped this year. Our ritual will regard the “eight sacred foods”, which are: fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, wine, cakes, bread, and cheese. There will also be vegan alternatives. Additionally, we will be making home made bird feeders to give back to nature. Hope to see you all there!

This Week’s Meeting — Divination Open House

Welcome back! Hope the new semester is treating everyone well. Today, Wednesday 9/6 at 6 PM in Benedict Hall room 1.126 we will have our first meeting of the semester: a divination open house! Come join us and either give or receive free divination readings. Those of you with pendulums, tarot cards, oracle decks, rune sets, or any other tools you want to show off–please bring them! Otherwise, feel free to just hang out or use a deck from our PSA library.

This Week’s Meeting- Crystals!

This week’s meeting will be on crystals once again! That’s right, our lovely friend Michael will be returning with more knowledge (and maybe coupons!) from Nature’s Treasures! Following up on the wonderful presentation we had last semester, we’ll be delving deeper in to the many uses and meanings crystals, minerals, and stones can hold! Whether or not you were around for last semesters meeting we welcome you to join us at our usual time and place this Wednesday 3/29 at 6pm in Sanchez (SZB 524.) Hope to see you there!

This Week’s Meeting – Public Rituals!

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great break and a great start to the semester (wherever you may be!) This week we will have our first meeting of the Spring Semester! Our very own Candyce Eskew will be giving us a workshop on writing and running public rituals. So come on out and see us this Wednesday (1/25) at 6pm in SZB 524 where meetings will be held all semester. See you there!
P.S. The first Texas Alliance of Pagan Students (TAPS) will be having the first conference held at Spirit Haven Ranch in Flatonia Tx (Feb. 24-26) This will be a weekend event with on site camping, workshops, and other activities. TAPS is seeking to bring together and form a community for pagan students to support and aid one another, and this conference and retreat serves to physically bring us together for relaxation, learning, and comeraderie. Registration is now open online at
At the time of writing, there is not a link to the registration page on the site but the link above will take you directly to the registration Page. Registration costs $30 and will cover meals for the weekend and WILL CLOSE AT THE END OF THE MONTH so register soon!