This Week’s Meeting – Mabon!

Hi all! Come on out for our Mabon Ritual and Potluck this Wednesday 9/21 at 6pm in Eastwoods Park located near the intersection of San Jacinto and Dean Keaton. Its gonna be fun so bring a dish, sign up on the online event and we’ll see you there! A group will meet at 5:30pm in our usual room (CLA 0.106) and walk to the park together from there.

This week’s meeting – Astrology!

This week the PSA hosts returning guest speaker Stacy Weidmann, who will give us the basics of astrology! Meetings are Wednesdays at 6pm in Welch (WEL) 3.266.

Astrology is fun to learn, but to understand how it influences YOU in particular, you’ll need a birth chart! A birth chart will tell you all the astrological influences at play at the minute and location of your birth. You only need to know what day and time you were born and where, and visit for your free printable natal chart. Bring it with you to the meeting to have it explained!